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ACA Choices for 2023

The ACA (affordable care act) was enacted in 2010, but choice was limited to a few select companies and the prices skyrocketed due to the lack of computation. Since than, there has been more insurance companies that extended their reach in to the Marketplace®.

In 2023 Cigna will be offering plans in to 3 additional states. These states will now include Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina. This expansion could reach 730,000 additional members for the upcoming year in 2023.

“As a society, we continue to see a significant need for a competitive and sustainable individual market, which is why Cigna has maintained its presence on the ACA Marketplace since 2014 and continues to expand into new areas,” said Charles Berg, president of Cigna's U.S. government business, in the release. “By expanding into geographic areas where we have strong provider partnerships, we are able to offer more people access to affordable, quality care that helps create superior health outcomes.”

Plan options include 24/7 access to virtual primary care through MDLive, as well as other telehealth services including virtual dermatology and behavioral health. Members can also access $0 virtual acute-urgent care visits and $0 wellness screenings from MDLive.

Some plans include a $0 deductible or $0 copayments for various services, and all include $0 preventive care services, Cigna said. Members enrolled in certain plans will have predictable copayments for lab services, regardless of whether they've met the deductible.

In addition, plans offer $0-$3 copayments on preferred generics and access to Cigna's Patient Assurance program, which caps insulin costs at $25 for a 30-day supply.

“From anytime-access to virtual care to $0 wellness screenings and personalized support for chronic condition management, Cigna's plans are designed to meet customers wherever they are on their health care journey and provide the care and coverage they value most,” said Lisa Lough, president of Cigna’s Individual and Family Plans business, said in the release. “By continuing to expand and enhance our individual and family plans, more people will have access to quality, affordable care that supports whole-person health.”

Open enrollment for the ACA exchanges begins Nov. 1.

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