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Hospital Corridor

SecureHEALTH -
Preventive benefits that comply with
PPACA guidelines.
(what is PPACA)

SecureHealth provides minimum essential coverage for preventative health as required under the PPACA. (All services must be obtained from providers within the PHCS network.)


Guaranteed issued, no health questions, no exclusions and no one is turned down.*

Stay on top of your overall health without going over budget.  SGH-Securehealth, meets the Affordable Care Act or PPACA's minimum essential coverage requirement.  Protect your family or employees with this affordable coverage, when you can't afford full coverage or when just add preventive services to your existing coverage.

Plan includes up to 4 primary care visit with a small co-pay and 4 tier prescription coverage with preferred and elite election.

Value plans starting at $99.00 a month for an individual and $118 a month for the whole family.

Get yours today!

Click 'policy coverage' below to view complete list of benefits.

This coverage includes but is not limited to:

  • Preventive / wellness service visits.: Preventive services help you stay on top of your health, and are covered with no copay. This means you can get your annual physical along with screenings, vaccinations, checkups and more at no out of pocket. (see outline below)

  • Laboratory services: including diagnostic lab tests for preventive screening tests

  • Routine immunizations for children or adults

  • Additional prescription drug coverage (with Preferred and  Elite options or discount with value)

  • Must enroll by the 25th of each month to have be effective on the 1st of that following month

  • Primary care visit for sickness or illness.* (view benefit list for visits and copay)


Guaranteed Issue - Available in 42 States plus the District of Columbia

(not available in DE, ME, MD, MA, NY, OR, SD, VT, WA)

Click the enrollment button below to learn more about becoming a new member.

* network restrictions - participation age is under 65                                                   

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