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Medicare Advantage and
Prescription Drug Coverage

As medical costs continue to rise, Medicare recipients, many of whom are on fixed incomes, seek private insurance to bridge the gaps in coverage. We partner with industry-leading carriers to offer you the best possible coverage.


Medicare Supplements

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What is a Medicare Supplement?

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We carry some of the

lowest-cost Medicare

supplements from

major carriers in the


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Senior Dental

Dental coverage for seniors

is crucial because it helps

maintain oral health, reduces

the risk of systemic health

issues, improves quality of

life, emphasizes prevention,

and ensures equitable access to care.

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GTL - Medicare Advantage Hospital Indemnity Coverage

Do you have a Medicare Advantage plan and struggle with copayments and out-of-pocket costs? This plan might be exactly what you need. It offers coverage for your copayments and out-of-pocket expenses at a consistent and predictable monthly price.

Guarantee Trust Life (GTL) understands the financial concerns seniors may have when considering Medicare Advantage plans. That's why we proudly offer our indemnity product, designed to ease the burden of copay's and coinsurance. With our indemnity products, seniors can enroll in their chosen Medicare Advantage plan confidently, knowing they'll have comprehensive coverage without worrying about out-of-pocket expenses. GTL is dedicated to providing peace of mind and financial security for seniors as they navigate their healthcare options.

Our coverage eliminates copay's for Hospital Confinement, Ambulance Service, Skilled Nursing, Outpatient Surgery, and more.

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We're here to help with any questions you have about Medicare.

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