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These plans are considered Non-ACA health insurance plans, or Non-Qualified plans, since they do not meet the Affordable Care Act's standards, but still offer plenty of coverage at lower prices. Non-ACA health plans are also commonly referred to as Non-Obamacare or Non-Marketplace health insurance plans.

Hospital Corridor

Short-Term Health Insurance
Provides you with coverage when you need it the most.

With the cost of healthcare today, going without coverage is scary. Protect yourself during times of transition with a short-term health plan and protect your pocketbook from unexpected medical bills. Our flexible Health 360 plans provide budget-friendly coverage to help you through life’s transitions.

PPO Plans that includes office visits with a $15 or $25 copay.  Enjoy a 80/20 cost sharing after deductible,

Plus much more

Limited benefit health plans

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Limited benefit health plans, also referred to as Non-ACA health insurance or Non-Qualified plans, diverge from Affordable Care Act (ACA) standards but present a viable option by offering reduced premiums and some coverage options. These plans encompass critical illness, accidental, specific disease, and defined benefit indemnity health policies, which provide predetermined payouts irrespective of total charges. These plans serve as a great alternative for individuals ineligible for marketplace subsidies, which in turn makes the premiums unaffordable.

Limited benefit health plans typically feature lower premiums and flexibility of use with their PPO network. They commonly cover medical needs pertaining to injuries and illnesses, though their coverage may not be as comprehensive as ACA-compliant plans.


It's essential to recognize that while these plans offer affordability and flexibility, they may entail limitations in coverage depth, potentially leaving individuals under-insured for certain healthcare needs. Prospective policyholders should carefully assess their healthcare requirements and consider consulting with an insurance advisor to ensure informed decision-making.

This is not a sharing plan and is approved by the Department of Insurance in your state.

Coverage may require underwriting to be obtained.

Personalize your approach to your health insurance needs, because one size doesn't fit all.

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