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Worldwide Emergency Medical Evacuation 

Accidents happen, at home or during travel.

Are you and your family prepared?

Get your premiere prepaid emergency medical evacuation service with worldwide coverage today!

Ground or Air
Home or Away.
We have you covered

Peace of Mind
24hrs a day

Covering your emergency medical transports when your health insurance

Quick and safe return home after medical emergencies

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A medical evacuation membership is the most efficient and immediate way to get you or your loved one to the hospital.  We understand that you want to travel the world and take your family on a relaxing vacation. So, we are offer coverage that give you peace of mind and support when you need it the most. 


When you have had a serious illness or accident and need to medical attention you want an affordable way to get transported without having to worry about cost.


Global Medevac picks up where your medical insurance leaves off.

For additional information,

Contact us today to save.

Single or family memberships available.

A family consist of a member and their spouse, their children that are 18 and under or 26 and under attending full time school.

Five myths about medical evacuations USA Today 2015

It doesn't matter if you're into adventure travel, a frequent business traveler or simply someone heading off on a summer vacation. The fact is that accidents can happen, and sometimes they require medical care and assistance in getting home. But if you rely on your own

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