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Medicaid Unwinding - March 31st is the end.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress passed legislation to ensure people would have access to health coverage and other benefits while the country was in a state of public health emergency (PHE). Millions of people who lost employer-sponsored coverage enrolled in Medicaid and have had continuous coverage the past few years.

The PHE program will officially end on March 31st 2023. During this unwinding process the states will redetermine whether or not these covered individuals will still eligible for Medicaid. Many of these effected 15 million people will still qualify for medicaid, but the rest will need to seek other insurance options. Nearly 3 million of these people will qualify for ACA Marketplace coverage.

So if you are seeking coverage in Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina or Virginia and you are going to be loosing your medicaid status as of March 31st, ANSUN Insurance will be here to help select insurance coverage that fits your families needs.

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