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A Scope-Of-Appointment (SOA) document will be required for an agent to discuss Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage (MA/MAPD) or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDP). Obtaining a signature on a (SOA) is a standard procedure, a requirement by CMS, for all Medicare conversations or appointments and does not obligate you to enroll in any specific Medicare plan or make any decisions on the spot. The (SOA) ensures that both the agent and the Medicare beneficiary have a clear understanding of the purpose of the set appointment or conversation, and it helps protect the beneficiary's rights and privacy. The signature on the SOA acknowledges that the beneficiary has given explicit consent for the agent to discuss and present Medicare plan options during the scheduled appointment. It is important to carefully review and understand the information provided in the SOA before signing it. Remember that you have the right to refuse or cancel an appointment at any time, Always feel free to ask questions, seek additional information, and make informed choices about your Medicare coverage.

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