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Will a non-marketplace
plan work for you?

Coverage that gives you choices.

To watch this short video and learn how these benefits can provide an affordable health insurance solution for your family. Click here and fill out the simple form to receive a link.
Insurance that just makes sense!
Health video
Family Celebrating


Complies with Affordable Care Act
without the high price.
Covers preventative and wellness care
Prescription Coverage
med box
Includes doctor you want to visit
Includes Telahealth at no charge
Separate policies are required to provide all coverage stated above

Let's compare a defined benefit plan to

Major Medical

You can save between 40-60% off a marketplace premium!

This results in thousands of dollars back in these families pocket.

 Family of 4 living in Texas

Male age 39, Female age 37,

Children ages 9 and 7 years of age.

Monthly Premium

$1739.00 with a family deductible of $8,700

Monthly Premium

$754.00 with $0 deductible*

That's a saving of $985.00 A MONTH!

$11,820 A YEAR!

That's over 57% savings!

WOW! What a deal!

ACA - BCBS Silver Plan - HMO

Affordable defined benefit Plan

Personalize your approach to your health insurance needs, because one size doesn't fit all.

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