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Critical Illness or crisis recovery policies are important for everyone..

You may have never heard of it, but whether you have major medical or you have private insurance, catastrophic

health events can happen like heart attack, stroke or even cancer.  Critical illness insurance could be the only thing protecting you from financial ruin. Thanks to medical advances, more and more Americans are surviving major medical crises like cancer, strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure.  We all realize that many individuals who have been diagnosed with what use to be considered fatal illnesses are now overcoming the odds and surviving.  Unfortunately, it places a tremendous emotional strain on the family and many times accompanied by an overwhelming financial burden. Crisis Recovery is designed to ease the financial pressure by providing a lump sum cash benefit paid directly to you upon the diagnosis. This money can also be used for non-medical costs related to the illness, including transportation, child care, etc.

Image by Olga Guryanova